YOU Are the Intended Target in the Romeike Deportation Fiasco

April 19, 2013


For some time now the deportation efforts by the American government against the German Evangelical Romeike family has been a front page story in the news media and a point of discussion in various social media! Pro and con opinions for the deportation of the family have run on high octane!
Many wonder ‘why’ this is such a hot issue with so many people? Others say: ‘what’s the big deal it’s just ONE family!’

But it is a VERY BIG DEAL! Because the government has ulterior motives in mind that target every parent in America. Last week US Representative Joe Edwards (KS) warned listeners: “If you think that this case only affects the Romeike family, you are very much mistaken! The government’s goal is to eliminate parental rights – period. The case is a veiled threat to homeschooling families! The end-all goal for the Common Core curriculum has the same goal – elimination of the parents/family from the children’s life/education.”
To his comments I might add that the ‘Teaching for Sustainability’ also falls into government’s effort to disenfranchise American children from their parents.

This case presents a VERY BIG DEAL to the Romeike family because they have been betrayed by the present government in Washington! As an Evangelical family in Germany (a secular country) they and their children faced discrimination and their children were confronted with persecution at school, to the point that the parents pulled their children out of German public schools to homeschool their children (which is illegal in Germany). They had many run-ins with government officials which eventually resulted in uniformed officers busting into their house and forcibly dragging the children to government run schools and taking over the education of the children – letting them come home on weekends only.

Further resistance would have resulted in being jailed again, permanent loss of their children, loss of their house, land and possessions! Their only hope to educate the children in the manner and with the Christian values they intended for their children to have, was to immigrate to America. They followed the legal path, sought entry into America on grounds of political persecution – which was granted them. They sold all of their belongings, came to America and settled in Tennessee.

After the Obama administration came to office, the Immigration Judge Lawrence O. Burman saw his favorable decision for their Entry Visa overturned! Appeals have followed and another hearing is scheduled for the 23rd of April!

Well, even after reading most of the details of this case people still question: ’So what??? It’s only ONE family??? What’s the BIG DEAL????”
My reply to that is: “IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL!!!”
It is a BIG DEAL, because by denying/rescinding this legal request for entry into America, it exposes the current administration’s Socialist strategy. It is a BIG DEAL because it is more evidence of a TOTAL lack of respect for our Constitution! Of equally importance is the exposure of their intention to disseminate everything this country has represented since its beginning.

One of the most evident and scary problems in this discussion is the fact that so many Americans, young and old, have forgotten why America has been such a haven of hope for so many from so many countries and why we need to protect its reason for existence with our Constitution intact!

America has always welcomed the persecuted and oppressed from many lands and has allowed them to realize their dreams of Freedom and Hope. Sadly, most Americans know nothing at all about Ellis Island and the throngs of people who left everything behind in their home countries (including their families) to live and start their life over again on these shores. Each generation since then has focused on making this new start a successful venture, but with the price that following generations have forgotten the value of America’s purpose. They have no clue what it is like to live with persecution and/or under the oppressive rule of a tyrant/dictator!

The tragedy is, that this lack of knowledge of the value of America’s principles and laws have resulted in multitudes of Americans falling for and/or being deceived by socialist propaganda, which seeks to enforce their ideals for the American government and the American people! Control of the lives/minds of the people is their ultimate goal! Right now they have set their lust for control on America and the American people.

This socialist control indoctrination can be seen in the responses to this battle in deporting one German family who dared to defy their government’s edicts. The current government in our country is using this  as a sort-of ‘test balloon’ to see how many are on their side and how many still need to be indoctrinated, before they use/enforce the president’s ‘Executive orders’. They are watching to see what degree the American people still will defend America’s values and how many will betray those values. They have already used ‘test balloons’ to see if the president can overturn the amendment specifying term limits for a president, so he can run for a third term. Awww, you say he can’t do THAT!  Well, a New York Representative has already submitted a bill in the House of Representatives to make president Obama ‘president for life’, in essence being a dictator.

The German government reportedly is also involved in the return of the Romeike family to Germany for prosecution under their laws. Germany is a repressive country – everything is controlled. People have learned to live with certain rules covering the operation of store hours, days of operation, which lanes trucks can drive in and when they have to stop driving for the day (10pm), when a store can have a ‘sale’, the merchandise for the ‘sale’ has to be seasonal merchandise that the store wants to sell to make room for the new items – no extra merchandise can be ordered just for the ‘sale’, well, you get the idea – there are just to many to list. Life is strictly regulated. They don’t like people doing their own thing. As for religious freedom, the German government recognizes 2 religions, Lutheran and Catholic – that’s it! All others are called cults and are watched by the Department of Religious Activities and are strictly controlled.

An American Evangelist was holding meetings in Germany and when some people reported that they were healed, the Evangelist was arrested and put in jail for ‘practicing medicine without a license’! Church tax is taken out of people’s paycheck, like income tax is taken out in America! Recently churches announced that unless people pay their money to the churches, they will be denied marriage, infant baptisms and burials. Lutheran pastors are government employees. Catholics of course are controlled by the Vatican.

If you investigate the current administration’s hidden, but ultimate goal, that is the kind of controlled life they want to enforce in this country. They are striving to control everything, including installing the kind of religious system I have just described. That is why YOU are their target for this not so subtle message found in the Romeike deportation case – we will dominate your life! Mrs. Obama recently told school children that in order to achieve the best life possible: “we will have to forget everything we have done before, we have to forget our customs and traditions and you have to think differently than your parents and grandparents’!

Follow the hints… as a parent or grandparent with traditional, conservative values, YOU are their target. They are counting on the 40’s, 30’s, 20’s population, who have been subject to their clandestine indoctrination since elementary school and college days, to carry out their socialist agenda.
So now the scene is set for the battle of: ONE German family against an American government who welcomes into this country at least 11 million illegal aliens, but wants to deny the legally accepted entry visa and deport them back to Germany and the German government who has demanded their return, so they can send a message to other German families who might want to come and take advantage of America’s FREEDOMS! The Romeike family is being treated as if they were Nazi criminals.

If you do not want your family’s freedoms forcibly ripped away from you, then you have no choice but to support the efforts of the Home School Legal Defense Association to restore the legal entry visa for the Romeike family. The next hearing for this family’s appeal is scheduled for April 23rd.

The government has YOU and YOUR family in its ‘crosshairs’ doing ‘target practice’, so don’t be complacent – YOU could find yourself in the Romeike’s position in defending YOUR FREEDOMS! And then you sure would like for us to support you!
In answer to the ‘uninformed’ questioners – IT IS A BIG DEAL – TO DEFEND OUR AMERICAN PRINCIPLES!

Written By Guest Contributor: Ortrud (Oddy) Crist, PhD.
Immigrated to America from Germany in 1958

Bio: Dr. Crist lived through World War II in Nazi Germany. Dr. Crist’s parents and grandparents were part of a German underground resistance which helped to hide and feed Jewish people during World War II. At the age of 18, Oddy moved to America, eventually settling in North Carolina with her American officer husband. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from NC State University, and has an MA in Pastoral Counseling and a PhD in Theology. Dr. Crist enjoys teaching the importance of history and of participation in the political process. She has followed her parents’ and grandparents’ examples in standing up for her convictions, making a difference when obstacles arise, and encouraging others to investigate, become involved, and to make a difference in preserving America.

*Photo Credit: AP Photo/Wade Payne

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