Won, Forest, Won – but will Coleman concede?

November 17, 2012

Dan Forest won the race for NC Lt. Gov. on election night with a total vote margin of approximately 11,500 votes out of over 4 million ballots cast statewide. His opponent, Linda Coleman, did not concede. As of this morning, November 17th, all provisional and absentee ballots were counted and Dan Forest won again by a margin of 6,396 votes. Ms. Coleman has the right to request a recount since the margin is below 10,000 votes.  But would a statewide recount be what is best for NC?

Dan Forest has called on Linda Coleman to concede. I am calling on her to concede, as well. Linda Coleman is a former NC House member who acted as a key supporter and sponsor of SEANC backed legislation. The unions have put a tremendous amount of money into Coleman’s campaign. Obviously these unions want their candidate, Linda Coleman, to win. They seem to have an endless supply of money to funnel into her campaign.

However, if Coleman calls for a statewide recount, it won’t be the unions paying all of the bill. Millions of taxpayer dollars will be used to pay for a recount. I look at it as a matter of history, mathematics and economics. There has never been a statewide election in NC overturned by a recount. With a large margin of votes between them, it makes it even more unlikely that a recount will change the outcome of the Lt. Governor’s race.  So why waste millions of dollars of NC’s money on such a fruitless activity?

I am calling on Linda Coleman to do what is in the best interest of North Carolina taxpayers and concede to Dan Forest. Will you PLEASE join me by calling and emailing  Linda Coleman today? Let her know it is TIME to CONCEDE! Her number is (919) 834-2557. Twitter is @Coleman4ltgov Email is info@lindacoleman.org

By: Donna Mauney

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