Why We REALLY Oppose Obama-Care

February 2, 2013

First do no harm- DocObama

The associate editor of the Charlotte Observer has likened those who oppose implementing Obamacare to racists, specifically those who opposed desegregation. Thank goodness she doesn’t belong to the “mean-spirited” party or I would have taken those comments the wrong way!  Fannie Flono said, in her Feb. 1 opinion article, “Their resist, resist, resist stand on the federal healthcare law has echoes of Southern states’ resistance of the federal school desegregation law….but as with resisting the desegregation law, that doesn’t make it right.”


Don’t get me wrong….I support her right to call me whatever name she wants to call me, but perhaps she could consider other reasons for why people who aren’t racists might not support implementing Obamacare.  Let’s try the four reasons listed in the Wall Street Journal analysis from a couple days ago by David Kessler for starters.


First, contrary to what we were promised, healthcare costs did not go down.  In fact, they are rising with some estimates that the final cost will be as much as 85% above the pre-Obamacare premiums. Secondly, the supposedly smaller budget deficits could only be achieved by cutting Medicare, something congress is clearly not going to do…and ironically Medicare Advantage is a program many seniors depend on to fund, surprise, surprise, private healthcare!  Thirdly, preservation of existing insurance not only flies in the face of the plan’s intended consequence of a government-based insurance, but the plan reduces private “cadillac plans” generous provisions.  Already, before the plan is even fully enacted, high deductible plans have risen by 6% in two years. The CBO estimates that 6,000,000 employer sponsored coverage plans will be dropped in response to the new regulations.  So much for keeping existing insurance…. And fourthly, we were promised that health reform would increase productivity with a healthier populace, less absences, sick days, or health related drain on worker output.  There is little evidence this is true, according to Richard Kronick, health policy advisor to Bill Clinton, among others.


The WSJ article doesn’t even delve into objections such as placing healthcare decisions in the hands of bureaucrats rather than family physicians, rationed health care, mandatory taxpayer support of morally onerous policies like abortion, less incentive for doctors or researchers to pursue innovative, but costly new treatments, and increasingly bloated size of the Federal Government with the accompanying dependence of the population on Uncle Sam.  Not to mention the budget deficit.


But of course, it is probably easier for Ms. Flono to just call us racists.


By: Vicky Kaseorg

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