When Printers are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Printers

July 3, 2013

Oh-oh. Get ready for a new round of government regulation and freedom squashing initiatives. For less than $2000, a new 3d printer technology is making plastic gun production  affordable for an initial investment cost of less than a computer.

Homeland security is not at all happy about this development, and admits this is going to be very difficult to stop, control, or detect. Gun control is a little like trying to ban gun toys from little boys – they will just manufacture them themselves out of sticks or if necessary, pancakes,
or even pop tarts.

What’s a government to do? The new 3d printers can manufacture guns without serial numbers or any other identifying factors. Homeland security laments,”Unqualified gun seekers may be able to acquire or manufacture their own Liberators with no background checks.”

The plastic guns are especially concerning as they can sneak through most screening devices. The only solution will be strip searches.
This will certainly put a crimp on the typical air travelers’ plans. But Thank Goodness, congress is on it! The Undetectable Firearms Act, due to expire in 2013 is being revamped and legislation to renew the ban discussed. Unfortunately, the criminals once again just don’t seem to be paying attention. We need new laws to make it a crime to be a criminal. There just seems to be no other answer.

Written by
Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky is the homeschool mother of three who first became interested in politics when her right to homeschool was threatened. She is the author of 7 books and writes a daily, inspirational blog. Please like and share this post!



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Tags: 3d printer technology, gun control, homeland security, plastic guns, strip searches

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