What a Simple Phone Call Can Do!

September 27, 2012

Here is the huge difference that calls to your Senators can make. When I wrote the first post about this in July, only 15 Senators had agreed to oppose the dangerous UN CRPD treaty. Now thanks to the leadership of  Senator Mike Lee and the pressure your phone calls created, 36 Senators (enough to defeat the ratification) have signed this letter agreeing to oppose the UN treaty in a lame duck session. YES, change takes place when ordinary citizens take a few minutes out of their day to make a phone call!


Please find the names and addresses of the Senators who signed the letter  on this list.  If your senator is on the list, PLEASE take time to send them a note. Thank them for opposing UN CRPD and ask them to PLEASE  STAND STRONG in their commitment. These notes of gratitude are just as vital as  phone calls because it alerts Senators to the fact that we are watching and that we greatly appreciate it when they listen to us!


Some Americans like to think that just voting for legislators who say they are conservative is good enough to protect our freedoms. Sadly, it is not. Every elected official needs to be reminded constantly WHO they were put in office to represent. We need to get involved and STAY involved! It is our only hope for turning this country around.


Often my number one obstacle in getting folks to call has been because they don’t know how. I am looking at possibly video taping some role-playing sessions and leading more training in this area.  I’d appreciate your input if you think this would help.


Thank you SO much to all of my readers  who took action against this dangerous treaty! I thank you on behalf of  many parents like myself with disabled children. It is a tremendous encouragement to know how many people care and will come alongside us to fight for our rights as parents. For now, let us celebrate this tremendous victory.  And stand by for the next call to action…coming soon!


By: Donna Mauney


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