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July 30, 2012

Nothing gets me more riled than politicians using children with disabilities to push their own political agenda. Senator Kerry is trying to sneak through the back door the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. With the help of three Republicans (Senator Isakson from GA, Senator Barrasso from WY, and Senator Lugar from IN) voting for it, the resolution passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on July 26th and could come up for a vote on the Senate floor soon.

This particular treaty strikes home for me because I am the parent of a disabled child. I have studied thousands of pages of medical records in order to understand his condition and what he needs. I know my child and his needs better than anyone else. Since my son has a severe and rare birth defect, I have spent countless hours in doctor’s offices and the hospital pushing to get my child the health care he needs. I have been and will continue to be his strongest advocate. I know many parents of children with disabilities. They are all relentless in fighting for the best interest of their child(ren). I find it repulsive that our government would even consider a UN treaty that could subject each of us as parents of a child with a disability to review by a government social worker, a court or a UN official for any decision we make in regards to our child’s care, upbringing, or education.

I’m especially disappointed and shocked that Sen. Isakson and Sen. Barrasso, who opposed the UN Small Arms Treaty, would vote in favor of this ratification. I have asked for interviews with both Senator Isakson and Senator Barrasso. If these are your senators, I urge you to call them as well. We need answers as to why any United States Senator would be in favor of giving away the sovereignty of the United States of America. These same two Senators also signed a petition to support the Parental Rights Amendment at Parentalrights.org – yet UNCRPD clearly states* that the “government will define what is in the best interest of the child”. So how does this support parental rights? Senator Barrasso and Senator Isakson – please explain.

Sen. Barrasso and Sen. Isakson try to argue that this treaty would merely apply US standards to the rest of the world and protect Americans with disabilities abroad. I’m not buying it. Are Sen. Barrasso and Sen. Isakson willing to surrender my parental rights and US sovereignty in order to achieve this noble ideal that they tout? Do any of us really believe that if we ratify a UN treaty it would suddenly cause Pakistan to build wheelchair ramps for the disabled? Changing domestic laws in each country would be more likely to accomplish the goals these two senators use to defend their position.

I do not know if Sen. Barrasso and Sen. Isakson are just ignorant about U.N. Treaties or if they just don’t care. But their position of masking a globalist agenda with a noble cause is both misleading to the American public and degrading to disabled children like my son.

I don’t believe Sen. Barrasso and Sen. Isakson should be allowed to have it both ways. If they are for protecting the United State’s sovereignty and parental rights, they need to oppose UN CRPD. I hope constituents in WY and GA will call these two senators and help them see their need to oppose the ratification of this treaty.

Conservatives stepped up and created enough opposition to stop the U.N. Small Arms Treaty – at least for now. But we must remain diligent. We must understand the temptations of public officials. After all, who wants to look like they are against helping the disabled?

We must be aware of the manipulation, lies, and deception of foreign diplomats and their internationalist allies in federal government. The CRPD has been cleverly disguised, which makes it even more despicable to me.

Please be aware that if UN CRPD gets ratified, others like the UN Rights of the Child will likely follow. I suspect that disguising the CRPD in a way that appears to help the disabled was done in hopes that getting it ratified would set a precedent for the passage of others.

Please, conservatives, don’t let your guard down. I want to be able to raise my disabled child and all of my children without the government threatening me or requiring me to do what they think is best. I also want our elected officials to protect United States sovereignty. I will oppose all UN treaties that threaten our rights and freedoms as United States citizens. The need is urgent. I plead with all freedom loving individuals to call your senators this week to oppose UN CRPD.

~ Donna Mauney

* in Article 7(2)

Click here to read more about UN CRPD

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