Urgent Call To Action: Update

August 17, 2012

This is a follow up to this post.

Do your calls make a difference?  When I first became more active in the political process, I always got this question from people I was trying to persuade to call – why should I call? Does it really make a difference? Aren’t their minds already made up?


I have to admit, my first call was pretty scary.  My heart was pounding. What if I forgot what I wanted to say?  As a homeschool parent, I often got emails about legislation that threatened my parental rights.


I knew I had to do this for my kids – if nothing else.  I printed out a script from an advocacy group and put it beside me on my desk. I forced myself to dial the phone and each time it got easier.


Most of the people I talked to were friendly and open to my concerns.  I phoned a couple of my legislators so often, they began to recognize me.  Out of curiosity, I posed the question “Do my calls make a difference?”  “Absolutely” was their reply.  I explained how hard it was to convince people to call.


One of my favorite representatives gave me a message to pass on – he asked me to please tell my friends that every legislator gets thousands of pages of bills across their desk every day.  There is no way they can read every page.  But if someone called them and informed them of what they needed to pay attention to, then this bill would be pulled to the top and looked over more thoroughly.  He ended the conversation by pleading for me to keep contacting him because it helped him do his job better.


It was a long time ago, but I will never forget that conversation. It has kept me motivated for decades.  I have seen firsthand the difference calls from constituents make in the political process.


Since I first posted about this UN-CRPD treaty - more calls have been made and now 2 more Senators are added to the list of opponents.  The vote could come up before the Senate floor as soon as September.  We have 13 Senators against it and we need 34 total to defeat it.  Go to http://www.parentalrights.org/for updates.


Don’t you want to be able to tell your kids that you took the time for a phone call and helped defeat this dangerous treaty?  You are making a difference.  Please keep calling!

By Donna Mauney


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