Unwanted or Wanted? Who Will Decide?

August 6, 2013


How did promises of no more “unwanted children” lead us astray? We were told these unwanted children would end up abused or neglected. We gave the abortionists the freedom to define whose life was valued. Where has that led us?

As embryologist and in-vitro pioneer Robert Edwards predicted chillingly in the late nineties, “Soon it will be a sin for parents to have a child that carries the heavy burden of a genetic disease. We are entering a world,” he said, “where we have to consider the quality of our children.”

When I adopted my youngest son, my first introduction to him was a huge list of medical needs. We were told his defects had caused every other family to turn him down. Did his disability make him unwanted?

In the midst of numerous hospitalizations and doctor’s visits, I have been frequently asked, “What quality of life do you expect him to have?”. One person was even audacious enough to ask if  I thought he would have been better off aborted. After all, they reasoned, he will have a lifetime of suffering.

This question gave me considerable pause. Was I being cruel by adopting this child and doing everything in my power to preserve his life? Had this woman even stopped to consider what my son had to offer this world? I responded by explaining that life is full of suffering and that God can give us what we need to endure. I also reminded her of the tremendous blessing of having a child full of so much love and joy!

After my son’s first surgery, I was taken aback when the surgeon blurted out “So I am curious… why would you willingly take on a ‘burden’ like this?”. It took a moment to realize the question was directed at me. I explained to the doctor how we had always considered our son a huge blessing. The thought that he could even be considered a burden had never so much as crossed our minds.

Reading this article on LifeNews.com made me aware of the worldview I am up against…

” the proponents of death ascribe little to no “meaning” to the lives of the disabled. But meaning is in the eyes of the beholder and the disabled often attach more meaning to their own lives than the onlookers who are quick to write them off. Many people with disabilities have fulfilling, happy lives, and are a blessing to those around them. Just because they do not fit a utilitarian standard that embraces some arbitrary level of intelligence or capacity for physical performance does not mean their lives are any less meaningful to them or those around them.

… those who advocate the destruction of the disabled fail to appreciate all that the disabled can teach the rest of us about the meaning of life. Those with disabilities teach us what it means to care for and serve the less fortunate. They teach us not to take our own health for granted. They teach us what a great blessing it is to give to others. And they often take delight in the simple joys of life that those of us who are blessed with good health sometimes overlook.”

I love gazing into the eyes of my beloved son every day and seeing his zest for life. The simplest pleasure brings a deep, wholehearted chuckle. He has enriched my faith. His determination has inspired many. I can already see how his own experiences have given him a compassion for others. He is the first to come running and yell out “are you okay??” and give a warm embrace when he senses anyone is in pain or uncomfortable.

While I am cuddling my sweet boy in my arms, I cannot escape the thought that somewhere another woman is being counseled and possibly even coerced into aborting a child just like mine. I am deeply troubled that some in the medical profession have become proponents of death instead of advocates for life. We can no longer count on them to offer the resources and support expectant mothers who have received an adverse diagnosis desperately need.

One ray of hope for me has been our pro-life bill that was recently signed and will include a requirement to list resources on the DHHS website. I am hoping this will help us be better equipped to advocate for disabled babies. The proponents of death have identified those they deem “unwanted”. We must do everything in our power to fight for their very lives. Will you join me?

Written by: Donna Mauney

Donna is a homeschooling mother of eight children, 5 biological and 3 adopted. She became involved in politics when she started homeschooling, in order to protect her rights as a parent and freedom to homeschool. Since then she has been active in several campaigns on a grassroots level.

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