UN CRPD: Truth or Consequences?

December 13, 2012

On December 4th, thirty eight Republicans voted against the ratification of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People . Liberals were furious and immediately unleashed a media campaign to vilify every Republican that voted against it.

Anderson Cooper of CNN continued his agenda of trying to prove that opponent’s arguments against UN CRPD were unfounded during this interview with Michael Farris. Cooper wanted to give the appearance that he knew a lot about international law but he failed miserably.

In an exchange ( coincidentally edited from the televised interview) Michael Farris, constitutional lawyer, made the point that this treaty was a “binding document of international law” .  Cooper’s argument of “that is just not true”  proves that he is very misinformed on United Nations treaties.

Since Anderson Cooper apparently needs some tutoring on the subject of UN treaties, I am sharing this children’s guide to the UN CRPD. Page 13 says this: “United Nations conventions are international laws that countries can sign and ratify . Countries that have ratified (approved) a convention have promised to follow it . They are bound to review and revise, where needed, their own national laws to make sure these are in line with the goals of the Convention”.

Take time to read this guide.  It was produced by the United Nations Children Fund. It confirms that Michael Farris knows exactly what he is talking about. The claims made by Mr. Farris about UN CRPD are founded in truth that can be confirmed by actual documents produced by the United Nations. Don’t you think we should be listening to a constitutional lawyer like Mr. Farris instead of  television personalities  like Cooper who do not even bother to educate themselves on the topic?

This campaign of misinformation in regards to UN CRPD is not limited to media outlets.  Senators that support this dangerous treaty are doing their part as well.  During a phone call, a staffer for Senator Warner of Virginia admitted to me that a phrase that is frequently used to promote UN CRPD,” it would protect disabled Americans traveling overseas”  is not in the treaty.  Her confession was not a shock to me but it might be to the disabled community that has bought into this propaganda.

I am not going to hold my breath and wait for Anderson Cooper to investigate these unfounded claims and misleading information being tossed around by supporters of UN CRPD.  However, I do expect my readers to do their own research. It should not take long to discover the truth.


By: Donna Mauney


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