The Silent Majority – Silent No More!

August 2, 2012

(35+ cars lined up for the CFA drive-thru in Wesley Chapel yesterday)


Yesterday I was so proud of my freedom-loving conservative friends who stood in line or waited in drive-thru traffic to support their local Chick-Fil-A.  It was refreshing to see the masses of people that came out.  I want to thank all of you for showing your support for freedom of speech!  Mr. Cathy is a hero for running his business on Biblical principles with unwavering boldness, for standing strong and not backing down when threatened.


I recently attended a watchdog training seminar where Anita Moncrief, the whistleblower for ACORN, shared her story of transformation from liberal to conservative.  She mentioned that she just recently became a Republican but there was one thing that still troubled her about conservatives – often they have sat by and just observed while one of their own was being viciously attacked for sticking to their conservative principles.  She pleaded with us to come to the defense of those who risk it all to stand up for what we conservatives believe in.


This passionate plea from Anita really struck a chord with me.  I can remember so many times watching in shame as another conservative stood alone in the public arena, saying or doing the same thing I would have done and being beaten into submission by radical groups.  I have often wondered why conservatives just wimped out and let such a small but rabid group of people limit our ability to stand up for what we believe in.


Liberals have always been good about having a group mentality.  Conservatives tend to be more independent and maybe we just assumed each person could stand on their own.  I imagine by now we have noticed that has not brought much success. Little by little, our silence has transformed into a loss of personal freedoms.


I hope we have finally reached that point of “enough is enough!”  Watching an innocent, principled family man and business owner being treated like a criminal shocked us all.  I think it finally brought us to that point of “when are they coming for me?”


This pivotal point was long overdue! Thank you freedom-loving Americans for coming to the rescue of Dan Cathy.  Thank you for uniting as one voice and showing Mr. Cathy that he is not alone.  Thank you and may we never sit back in silence again.


~ Donna Mauney

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