The Making of An Abortionist

November 11, 2013


Do you ever wonder why an OB/GYN would want to kill babies for a living? Dr. Ron Virmani performs abortions at A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte, NC. In this shocking video, Dr. Virmani tries to persuade us that racism from his former employer somehow forced him into his current situation of performing abortions at a substandard clinic that has a list of health and safety violations. The accusations of racism ring hollow – especially in light of Virmani’s own admission of killing “ugly black babies”.

An abortionist who refuses to take personal responsibility and makes ridiculous claims to shift the blame for his evil deeds… Hmmm… sound familiar?

“Ron Virmani is not looking to clean up racism and inequality in the Charlotte medical system. Instead, he intends to place the blame on others, while helping taxpayers save money by giving abortions to those who would, according to his own words, produce “ugly black babies.”

Being that Presbyterian (now Novant Health) employs many doctors, nurses and other staff of numerous races, it appears that once one takes a look at his detailed medical administration records, Ron Virmani is looking to place the blame for his sloppy and inept medical practices on another human being or medical entity.

He is simply looking to save face and to justify the fact that, yes, he no longer delivers “beautiful babies”. Instead, he performs abortions at the worst women’s health clinic in the state, that has been closed by DHHS a number of times for numerous healthcare violations. This shoddy women’s clinic, A Preferred Women’s Health Center, is the only place that will hire a doctor whose own medical practice records mirror their own standard of patient treatment and care.

Ron, it’s time to take ownership of your past (and present) grievances and stop playing the victim, especially when your own unbiased medical practice records are crystal clear.” ~ Lisa Metzger with Cities4Life

How many times must this horrible scenario repeat itself before we take action? Citizens of NC, it is time we step up and implore NC DHHS to do something about this! Please pray, share this post, and call/email DHHS and complain. A Preferred Women’s Health Center needs to be shut down once and for all.


Written by: Donna Mauney

Donna is a homeschooling mother of eight children, 5 biological and 3 adopted. She became involved in politics when she started homeschooling, in order to protect her rights as a parent and freedom to homeschool. Since then she has been active in several campaigns on a grassroots level.



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