The Hypocrisy of an Abortionist

February 11, 2014
artwork by Vicky Kaseorg

artwork by Vicky Kaseorg

As a new sidewalk counselor at an abortion clinic, I have already seen much horror and despair. It is what one doesnt see that is perhaps the most disturbing. The more I learn of the infractions, closings, and conditions of the abortion clinic as well as the records of the doctors who provide the service, I am increasingly appalled.  What is the mind set of the doctors who make it their ambition to end human babies’ lives by the thousands nationwide each week? How do they sleep at night?

I have been a sidewalk counselor for all of three weeks now. Already, I have heard clearly substantiated lies told to prospective abortion minded women. On my last visit, a woman told me she had been told by  A Preferred Women’s Health Center (APWHC) of Charlotte that ultrasounds could be obtained for $30. I called to verify the cost myself the next day. Ultrasounds were $85…at least that is what the receptionist told me over the phone. Others have reported they paid fees of $185. Was the woman purposely told the lower (erroneous) fee to get her through the doors of the clinic?

That is  minor compared to the other lies and deceptions. One woman who chose to leave the clinic, and have an ultrasound performed by our free RV mobile ultrasound unit was told by APWHC that her baby had no heart beat. For many, it is much easier to abort if there is no beating heart. The free ultrasound clearly showed a vibrant cadence of 176 beats per minute.

Surely this clinic is unusual in the deceit. Right-to-Abortion groups would not support deception and illegality, would they? While researching facts for this article, I chanced upon an abortion help group online. There were multiple pleas from young teens, notably a 15 year old from my city. She was pregnant from a 21 year old boyfriend and wanted advice on how to get an abortion without telling her parents. A “non-judgemental abortion health care adviser” gave her explicit instructions on how to go about obtaining an abortion without notifying her parents, and how to evade her state’s laws. There was not one word about the statutory rape of this young woman, or the concern over a teenager being advised not only how to deceive her parents, but how to avoid the laws of her state.

However, back to my original query. What makes an abortionist tick? Ron Virmani, the abortionist at A Preferred Womens Health Center  in Charlotte has several pieces he has written himself online. We have a convenient window into his soul. Virmani, with his license to practice OB/GYN revoked twice following condemning peer reviews, feels persecuted. He believes his career was destroyed by racist, jealous peers who have connections and power. They did their evil deed outside of any public scrutiny, since the peer review process is private. Indeed, he might well know a thing or two about racism, being caught on tape talking about killing “those ugly black babies.” He felt that he had no voice in protecting his own interests, and felt helpless at the hands of those who would look to their own monetary and selfish gain over doing what was right. Proclaiming his innocence, he bemoaned being persecuted by those bent on his destruction for their own corrupt purposes.

Dr. Virmani, there are a few million aborted babies who know how you feel.

In Dr. Virmani’s own words again in an article entitled “Animals are Not for Entertainment,” he mourns the plight of animals at the cruel hands of humans, “without regard to how nature would have intended things to be.” Hmmmm. I think I understand: Is this akin to not letting a developing baby continue to grow and develop in the womb as nature would have intended things to be? Like that, Dr. Virmani?

In that same paper, Virmani states his horror at the practices used to train animals for circuses –  “A newly captured elephant is tied down and routinely beaten for a month until they learn that there is no use fighting back.  Bears have their noses broken and paws burned to teach them to walk on hind legs.  When animals fight back against human cruelty, their usual fate is death by shooting.”

How terrible this is, Dr. Virmani! I share your dismay, that innocent creatures who cannot fight back against those that would harm them are then slaughtered as they struggle to live! How unspeakably cruel that the strong would inflict such violence on the weak and defenseless!

But his compassion is not yet fully revealed. Again, his sorrow is evident as he describes the terrible plight of the bull against the matador in an unfair fight:

“The bull was completely dazed by the savagery, helpless against the cruelty and had not even a chance for a fair fight.  If the poor creature had a voice, it would have probably asked, “Do you have mad cow disease”?”

If only the poor creature had a voice! Yes, Dr. Virmani, we do have a responsibility to raise our voices in defense of those who have none. I am so with you on that!

And then, Virmani decries the abuses in the rodeo. The cowboys rope poor baby calves, and throw them to the ground. As the babies struggle to escape, “teams of individuals gang up on a victim.  They twist their victim’s neck and tail, grab them by lips, nostrils or whatever.”  I agree, Dr. Virmani! It is almost as terrible as sucking a living soul out of a womb, dismembering and twisting the little body as it pulls away from the snares that have entrapped it.Those rodeos should be outlawed!

“Humanize the slaughter!” he begs his readers, as he describes the chicken industry; the “animals [that] are slaughtered by the billions, many of them in inhumane conditions.” Oh, how I grieve with you Dr. Virmani! If only we could look upon the slaughter and be able to think of those lives in human terms, as you suggest. Surely the slaughter would end then…wouldn’t it? He does not describe the chickens’ inhumane conditions, but I am certain it must be worse than what the aborted baby endures as she is poisoned, and then dismembered while still alive, and sucked forcibly from the womb. A compassionate man like Dr. Virmani probably knows what truly inhumane conditions are.

I can forgive him for moralizing as he closes his opus, can’t you? The poor man is so clearly heartbroken over the cruelty he is forced to observe here on earth. He pours out his heart, begging us to hear his lament:

“As a collective civilization of humanity, we have no shame.  Our greed is boundless….”

How could we even think of killing and abusing other creatures for our own benefit, for our own enrichment? Unthinkable! Unbearable! Shameful!

And finally, his most eloquent plea:

“The poor animals have no voice.  We need to have capacity as a civilization to think and discipline ourselves. “

Bravo Dr. Virmani, bravo! We must speak for those with no voices, think of what we are doing, and discipline ourselves to do the right thing.

I simply could not agree more.

Proverbs 24:11-12

11 Rescue those being led away to death;
hold back those staggering toward slaughter.
12 If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,”
does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?
Does not he who guards your life know it?
Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky is an author of seven books and writes a daily inspirational blog. She has homeschooled for over twenty years, and is deeply concerned about the erosion of freedom in our country today. As a new sidewalk counselor at an abortion mill, she feels a particular burden for the rights of the unborn. If you would like to learn how you can help mothers choose life in the frontlines of the abortion industry, please go to . Please share this article with all that might benefit from the message.




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