The GOP & MSM Blindness Toward Social Conservatism

April 28, 2012



There has been a growing awareness among social conservatives since George Bush left the presidency in 2008 that there is a movement within the GOP to marginalize social conservatives and the economic crash presented just the opportunity to realize it.  Immediately following the economic crash the political perspective of Americans quickly changed.  McCain appeared to be the wrong candidate because he did not have a strong economic background.  Romney’s creds suddenly looked better to many republicans and his strength as a candidate grew over the years reflected in his popularity at CPAC.  I’m not a fan of that conference because you will find there a libertarianism that is weak on the foundational issue of marriage and the family.  The establishment support of Romney was the finality of this movement that was growing at places like CPAC.  The establishment did everything they could to dismiss the campaign of Rick Santorum.  A vote for Romney is a vote for a new conservative vision with an economic and political agenda without a foundation.  Its a vote against the values this country was founded on.



Today, Lisa Graas tweeted about the Issues section of the GOP web site.  Among their list of issues are National Defense, Energy Independence, Education, the Economy, the Courts and Health Care.  The closest they come to what is typically called the social issues is educational freedom……………Continue reading here



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