Standing Up Against The Opposition

August 28, 2013

According to “Abortion rights are at a crossroads and this is the time for massive, uncompromising struggle.” New pro-life laws in North Carolina made A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte a target for the group’s Abortion Rights Freedom Ride.

Our guest contributor gives us an inside look on what happened when the Stop Patriarchy activists came to the abortion mill last Tuesday.


It was a normal Tuesday morning.

The Cities 4 Life team was setting up and praying for lives to be changed and unborn babies to be saved.

I arrived shortly afterwards, and immediately began looking for an opportunity to minister to any man waiting outside the abortion mill as his girlfriend, wife or friend got an abortion.

I motioned over to a young-tall man smoking a cigarette. He pretended to ignore me and turned the other way. I shouted to him, “Sir, I know you can hear me. Please, I beg you to come over and talk with me for just a second. I am here because I care and want to help.”

To my surprise, he turned around and walked to meet me by the sidewalk. I introduced myself and began asking questions about his life and why he and his girlfriend came to have an abortion. He told me he was a Christian and disagreed with the abortion, but felt it was his girlfriend’s choice. He said he already had six other children with three different women. To him, this unborn baby was an inconvenience. He told me straight out, “It is better to kill the baby than try and provide for it.”

After praying with him and pleading one last time, he told me and a Cities 4 Life volunteer that he would go inside the abortion mill and try to get his girlfriend to come outside and talk with us. Never happened.

As the group and I pleaded with others to change their minds, a pro-abortion group from the Stop Patriarchy movement came marching down the street holding signs that read: “ABORTION ON DEMAND & WITHOUT APOLOGY.” In the center of the group they carried a big yellow and orange banner that read: “ABORTION PROVIDERS ARE HEROES.

A few derogatory words were made as the group passed by the Cities 4 Life tent. But we were not going to let that deter us from ministering and expressing the love of Jesus Christ.

I tried several times to get one or multiple members from the group to talk with me. All I got in return was expletives and obscene gestures. One of the women in the pro-abortion group even picked up a rock as a way to threaten my wife and the rest of the volunteers.

We watched as the manager of the abortion mill came outside and embraced the Stop Patriarchy group. The group surrounded her and began applauding as they gave her a plaque.

Moments later the manager gave a little speech to the pro-abortion activists. At one point I overheard her say, “The services we provide for women are desperately needed. That’s why I find my job to be very rewarding.”

Stop and think about what the manager of the abortion mill said to the approving crowd. Basically, the manager believes it’s rewarding to deceive women by advocating the murder of innocent life. This is certainly a twisted way of thinking and a tragic way of living your life.

As I was going to my car, the photographer of Stop Patriarchy was walking past. I asked if she would be interested in talking for a moment. She screamed, “I don’t have anything to do with people who assault women!”

Ignoring her insult, I asked, “But don’t you think advocating women to murder their babies is the real assault on women?” She turned and shouted back, “A fetus is not life!” To which I followed up by asking, “Really? Then what is it?” She turned and walked away.

In hopes of getting her attention one last time I challenged, “Please tell me how you know a fetus is not life?”

She yelled back, “Just Google it. There’s tons of scientific evidence that shows a fetus isn’t life.”

Even though it was a sad day without any saves, I was reminded of several things.

First, the reality is many Christians have abortions. Which means the church can’t afford any longer to avoid talking about abortion.

Second, many men allow their unborn babies to be aborted because they are selfish, scared, and confused. Which means we need to pray that God raises up more godly men to seek these men out and disciple them.

And third, pro-abortion activists have no real arguments to defend their position. Which means Christians have no need to be intimidated, but rather encounter them with the love and truth of Christ.

It is my prayer that more people will get involved in saving lives in the name of Jesus Christ!

Guest post written by: Jason Jimenez


Bio: Jason Jimenez is Founder and President of re|shift ministries (non-profit organization that helps Christians stand up for biblical truth). His ministry has received praise from some of the greatest Christian leaders, such as: Dr. Norman Geisler, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Alex McFarland, Dr. Scott Dawson, and Sean McDowell. He is the author of The Raging War of Ideas: How to Take Back Our Faith, Family, and Country, The Raging War of Ideas Study Guide, and coauthored The Official Study Guide to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist with Dr. Norman Geisler.

Jason has been married to Celia since 2001. They have four children: Tyler (9), Amy (8), Jackson (4), and Hailey (2).



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