Special Report: Unmasking Hidden Agendas

June 2, 2013


The North Carolina Republican Party is about to be rocked to its foundations.

Evidence is building that political leaders alien to the Republican platform and traditions have been working undercover to subvert the traditional standards for recruitment of young people into the Party.

They are the future of the GOP – and if loyalties, personal character and motives are compromised, it will be to the peril of the Party at large.

Here’s some of the disturbing information we uncovered in discussions with loyal Republican stalwarts who agreed to cooperate upon assurance of anonymity:

VS: What are you concerned about? This sounds like quite an incendiary issue, coming on the eve of the 2013 North Carolina Republican Party convention.


I would say we are very concerned about certain people who are looking to welcome radical factions into our Party, some of whom even condone violence, like the OCCUPY movement. The ring leaders of this effort to invade the GOP are active with OCCUPY, but are masquerading as traditional conservatives, as well as Libertarians, then working to link radicals to the Tea Party. They claim that OCCUPY and the Tea Party have a lot in common, which they do not. It’s a deceitful attemp to radicalize the Tea Party and even the conservative North Carolina Republican Party. We are urgently suggesting that these destructive attempts be exposed and rejected. These are dangerous precedents that most in our Party somehow are not aware of.

VS: How did this information come to light?


We have suspected that some who profess to be conservative, and even leaders of the Tea Party, are actually operating clandestinely to gain access to power roles within the traditional North Carolina GOP. As a result, we have been quietly monitoring the activities of these people for over a year. Well, I have been motivated to research this threat over the past year or so. What I see coming is a brazen attempt to soften opposition to radical groups like OCCUPY, characterize them as benign and peaceful citizens, and thus open the door for people who buy their philosophy to infiltrate the North Carolina Republican Party, while tainting the reputation of the Tea Party. It’s certainly an unusual and devious plot, but all claims can be verified.

VS: How would you propose to head off this threat, if you have intentions to do so?


We are certain that the starting point should be exposing the plans and the identities of the people at the core of what I would call a sniper attack, as it is being planned and manipulated out of sight of the main body of Republicans. If certain newcomers to this sub-group –high-profile politicians, leaders, and even candidates for office – dare attempting to sell themselves as traditionalists, then they are being deceptive and using their altered political identities to reach out to the wrong young people.

We certainly agree that we should recruit bright civic-minded young people. We just need to approach them with the right message. Most of our recruits, members of the Young Republicans organization, have their loyalties and political commitment in the right place. This does not include extremists who are willing to go to any lengths to stop the government. We want to avoid them at all costs.

VS: Well, I think I should ask you to identify anyone you are convinced is working to subvert the traditions and platform of the North Carolina Republican Party.

Of course. I would say my biggest concern is a man named Glen Bradley, who is a candidate for Vice Chairman of the State Party. He was quoted in a news release as follows: “Occupy America calls the Tea Party right wing nut theocratic fascists and Tea Parties call Occupy left wing nut hippie communist and we are all too busy hating each other to recognize that we all have more in common than we have against eachother.” That’s pretty divisive and harsh, I would say. It certainly calls into questions where Bradley really stands. He has the appearance of being something of a loose cannon. Not the best bet we have for placing our confidence and trust. Bradley will speak at the convention in Charlotte, along with the other candidates, Marcus Kindley, Joyce Krawiec and Major Dave Goetze. Voting to select the Chair will take place on the convention floor.



VS: Anyone else?

SOURCE: I think we need to look at former GOP candidates like Geoffrey Hurlburt. He proclaimed for the news media that “I am the Tea Party!” and asked for the Tea Party support for his NC Senate run on the Republican ticket in 2010 and 2012. Is he active with the Tea Party? Do his views align with the Republican party platform? Why did he help organize and speak at an Occupy Raleigh event?
At other times he has claimed that he is also a Republican, yet has been closely aligned with OCCUPY, even organizing and speaking at a Occupy Raleigh event. Hurlburt also made headlines when he gave on October 16, 2011 what was described as a “rousing speech at rowdy OCCUPY demonstration in Raleigh at the Capitol and the State Legislative building. We have photos from that rally in which he implicates himself as an OCCUPY proponent. We are very concerned to learn who he really is, and what he stands for, which runs counter to his attempts to hide under the tent of the Tea Party.


Geoffrey Hurlburt of Raleigh wrapped himself in the American flag as he gave a rousing speech during the Occupy Raleigh event on the Capital grounds. Photo by Karen Tam.

VS: Having stated your assurances that the North Carolina Republican Party can withstand challenges by rogue elements, is it your opinion that the GOP is a viable entity now?

SOURCE: Yes, I do believe the Republican Party is viable now. That is as long as we stick to the Party platform and stay true to the values that have always been our mainstay. With that understood, I think there is hope and a great future for our Party through strong, honest and conservative youth who become involved. They need to adopt the legacy that has been the trusted traditional brand of the Republican Party. That way we will continue to grow, and in the right direction. We can and should grow without reaching out to radical factions alien to our beliefs.

This interview was conducted by Verne Strickland, a conservative Christian blogger, and leading voice among conservatives in the Cape Fear Region and beyond. Strickland, formerly with WRAL in Raleigh, where he worked with conservative icon Jesse Helms. He later worked as a media consultant in Helms’ successful re-election campaign in 1982. Now retired, he and his wife Durrene live in the Historic City of Wilmington, NC. He currently writes for USA Dot Com.



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