Pro-life Week in NC Senate

May 22, 2013

Recent reports of a Gosnell style abortion clinic in Charlotte, NC have left pro-lifers wondering – what can we do?

S308 was recently proposed in our NC House. If it had passed, it would have required abortion doctors to be physically present when administering chemical abortion drugs.  Think what a difference that would have made at A Preferred Women’s Health Center where one of the violations was the improper administration of medication.

Don’t you think that doctors should be required to take care of patients even if the majority of those patients are from poor and minority communities? Accounts of patients being rushed to the hospital are included in the investigation of A Preferred Women’s Health Center. One of the provisions in S308 requires abortion doctors to have hospital privileges within 30 miles of where the abortion is performed.

S308 is technically dead because it never came up for a vote.  I wonder if calls from pro-lifers  could have kept it alive? It is not too late. We need to call our NC senators and ask them to find a way to put these life saving measures into law.

I know the NC Senate is busy working on a budget. While they are considering how to spend our money, let’s ask them to stop using taxpayer money to fund abortions, shall we?

During the debate on H730, Representative Dean Arp asked an important question that we all should consider: “Representative Adams, could insurance payments by the exchange, that are supported by tax dollars, go to doctors like Kermit Gosnell?” Representative Adams hesitantly responded : “I don’t have an answer for that question, sir.”

There is clearly no justifiable reason for our state healthcare exchange or cities and counties to be forced to provide employee insurance coverage for abortions.  Call NC senators and ask them to save taxpayer money and preserve the rights of citizens to follow their conscience by supporting H730, The Insurance and Health Care Conscience Protection.

We should also ask senators to stop discriminating against women. Documented accounts of sex selection abortions in our country are increasing. Those who have falsely claimed that conservatives wage a war on women are trying to hide their own war against females in the womb. H716 prohibits doctors from performing abortions primarily on the basis of the sex of the child.

The Gosnell trial left us all with the stark reminder that we are living in the midst of a holocaust in our country. Many of us have responded with a renewed passion to do something more. The mere investment of five minutes of your time could potentially save lives. Please look up your NC senators and call TODAY and ask for their support for all of the above listed bills. It is very urgent that calls are made this week. The bills to remember are: S308, H730, H716.

Go to NC Right to Life for more information on any of these bills and what you can do to help.


By: Donna Mauney

Donna is a homeschooling mother of eight children, 5 biological and 3 adopted. She became involved in politics when she started homeschooling, in order to protect her rights as a parent and freedom to homeschool. Since then she has been active in several campaigns on a grassroots level.

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