Pro-life legislation passes its first hurdle!

July 13, 2013


Two branches of NC government have wrangled over recent proposed pro-life legislation. Governor Pat McCrory weighed in by threatening a veto if changes were not made. As a result, a judiciary committee met and made some minor changes, then added all of the pro-life provisions to S353. The bill was heard during session on Thursday afternoon.


As the gallery filled up to hear three hours of debate from both sides, those in blue represented those in favor of S353 and those in pink were opposed.

Some opponents appeared wearing shirts with the letters SHAME. Democrats built on this theme and tried to make a case that S353 would take away “women’s rights”. Republicans countered that the pro- life bill is about protecting a woman’s health by increasing safety standards at abortion clinics.

Republicans supported their arguments with strong evidence. It is shocking to learn that standards have not been updated since the 70s-90s. Rep Schaffer produced extensive documentation to prove NC has a reoccurring problem of blatant disregard for the safety and health of women at abortion clinics. According to Schaffer, our current standards are so lacking, that they pale in comparison not only to ambulatory surgical centers, but shamefully to animal clinics/shelters as well.

Somewhere during the lengthy debate, the person who was the bearer of the letter E in “Shame” disappeared from the gallery, leaving the letters spelling out “SHAM” instead. It was interesting timing since pointing out the abortion industry’s sham was a highlight of the debate for Republicans.

Rep. McElraft chided Democrats for their hypocrisy. How can they overlook substandard clinics by making the excuse that bringing them up to standard would be cost prohibitive? McElraft pointedly questioned whya poor woman should not have the same right as someone who has a lot of money. The answer was found when she pointed out Planned Parenthood’s true agenda “It’s ALL about money” said McElraft. “It’s about abortion on demand at ANY cost to the women.”

Rep. Samuelson passionately defended the need for this bill: “People are dying in abortion clinics. We are not going to wait until women die in an abortion clinic before we raise the standards.”

When the vote was taken, S353 passed the NC House by a vote of 74-41. The only Republican to vote against the bill was Rep. Charles Jeter. He commented on the bill, saying: “I didn’t come up here to vote on social issues. I came up here to get jobs back.” Many conservatives are upset and displeased with Jeter’s lack of support.
The next step for S353 is to go for a vote before the NC Senate. This vote could possibly come up as soon as next week. Therefore we have created an event for folks to join for the purpose of calling NC Senators and asking them to vote for S353 without any changes. Governor McCrory has publicly stated that he is happy with the NC House version of the bill and intends to sign it into law if it passes. We need to keep calling, emailing, and praying. This important pro-life legislation has come a long way. It is urgent that we help it overcome the next hurdle so it can be signed into law and save lives!

By: Donna Mauney

Donna is a homeschooling mother of eight children, 5 biological and 3 adopted. She became involved in politics when she started homeschooling, in order to protect her rights as a parent and freedom to homeschool. Since then she has been active in several campaigns on a grassroots level.

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