Murderers on Home Weekend Leave for Good Behavior in NC

June 29, 2013

I was at a party with several law enforcement folks target shooting and eating some pretty awesome barbecue. Guns have a way of loosening the tongue, and one new friend asked me if I was aware of the NC policy that allows convicted felons, including murderers, weekend furloughs home.
“Haha,” I laughed, “That’s a good one!” I am known for being gullible and the host of this particular party loves to catch me being stupid. Well this time, I wasn’t going to fall for it.
“I’m serious,” he told me.

So when I got home,I decided to check his claim.

I found a letter from Phillip Berger, President of the council of District Attorneys written to NC Governor Pat McCrory on June 21. An excerpt of the letter below confirmed exactly what my friend had just told me:

“The North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys has uncovered information regarding a policy in the North Carolina Department of Corrections that is disturbing and potentially dangerous to public safety. Home leaves are being allowed for convicted criminals. Enclosed you will find a copy of the DOC policy which permits inmates to check in and out of North Carolina prisons.
Our investigation has revealed that 149 convicted felons were permitted to leave DOC facilities last weekend. Most had long criminal histories, and the convictions for which these criminals are currently incarcerated include, but are not limited to:
36 inmates – Murder
4 inmates – Manslaughter/Death by Vehicle
39 inmates – Drug Trafficking/Sale/PWISD Robbery
25 inmates – Robbery
19 inmates – Habitual Felons
Our investigation further revealed that 13 of these individuals had been sentenced to life in prison. More than 2000 criminals have taken advantage of this policy since 2008. What shocks the conscience more than the release of these dangerous individuals, is the fact that victims and prosecutors are not aware of their presence in the community.”

36 felons convicted of murder regularly “check out” of jail, like one checks out of a 5 star hotel, so they can relax at home? This is the consequence of taking another person’s life?

Forgive me while I puke. After I finish retching, I intend to write our Governor and ask him if he was aware of this policy. I would recommend that those of you trying to teach your kids that actions have consequences and BAD actions have BAD consequences do the same.

Written by
Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky is the homeschool mother of three who first became interested in politics when her right to homeschool was threatened. She is the author of 7 books and writes a daily, inspirational blog.



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