Who Helps Children after Birth?

March 20, 2014

Nineteen week old fetus

Who Helps Children After Birth?

I find the editorial by Leonard Pitts in the Charlotte Observer, Thursday March 20 (http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/03/19/4778227/who-helps-children-after-birth.html#.Uyt5PoV3WM) incredibly offensive.  He bemoans the very sad plight of a child that was born to a teenage mother, and subsequently horrifically abused. And from the third sentence, he puts the blame on anti-abortionists! He says, in essence, that because the child was not aborted, the pro-lifers were responsible for the child’s abuse.

Pitts says, “We have these great debates over children who are not yet born. We have marches and shouting matches and legislative protections for children who are not yet born. But what about the children who are already here? How is it that they can groan in hunger, how is it that they can be shaken to pieces, ….and there are no marches, no demonstrations….abortion stops a beating heart goes an old anti-abortion slogan. But so does a skull fracture.”

Mr. Pitts, have you ever researched who are the largest contributors and supporters to organizations who assist the poor and the abused, particularly children? Christians. Overwhelmingly pro-life Christians.

World vision, Compassion International, Help the Children, Childcare Worldwide, Samaritan’s Purse, Feed My Starving Children, Food for the Poor, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, to name a few organizations that specifically help children and families. Overwhelmingly, the organizations stepping up to help children in difficult circumstances are Christian!

It is very convenient for Mr. Pitts to sit in his living room and throw unsubstantiated barbs at the very people who are doing the lion-share of helping the very people he claims such compassion for.  Organizations such as cities4life in the Charlotte area are out on the sidewalks of abortion centers urging mothers not to kill their own children. When the mothers choose life, they are given a host of resources that will help them with emergency housing, finances, free and low cost medical care, child care, parenting skills, and counseling. However, I suspect Mr. Pitts doesn’t know this…and doesn’t care. It is so much easier to just say the pro-life folks are responsible for the death of the child of a teenage mother who chose not to abort.

But Mr. Pitts, I will answer your question you posed in the headline of your article:

Who helps children after birth? Christians. Overwhelmingly pro-life Christians.

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky is an author of seven books and writes a daily inspirational blog. She has homeschooled for over twenty years, and is deeply concerned about the erosion of freedom in our country today.



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