Healthcare Hustle

February 20, 2013

Three ball game

According to Jill Zorn, the senior program officer at the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, a group that advocated for the Affordable Care Act, “The single biggest issue we face now is affordability.”


Say what?  Weren’t we told premiums would go down?


There are three defining terms in the new health law name: Affordable, Care, and Act.

If even the supporters now admit one third of the name is false, can we get a do-over?  Vote again?  At least rename it so that taxpayers are being informed more honestly as to what they are getting?  I propose the new name be: The Incredibly Expensive and Fiscally Unsustainable Care Act.


Additionally, I take issue with how much “Care” is in the care act.  I doubt the babies who will now be ripped out of wombs (in an act that is euphemistically referred to as “choice”) at taxpayers expense consider this “care.”  Perhaps we could add to our more accurate descriptive name then and call it: “The Incredibly Expensive and Unsustainable Coercive Health Act.”


I have no problem with the word “act,” however.  This is an “act,” in fact an act in a tragic play where the audience is forced to attend.  Not only must they pay to get in, but they keep paying, and their unborn children keep paying (that is unless they get ripped out of the womb at taxpayer expense and thus exempt from future financial culpability). The play is too expensive to fund today, but so important, that future generations will be expected to pony up with their fair share.  No one can afford the ticket, and some don’t really want to go.  But it doesn’t matter because the play is about compassion, and there is no price too high, nor should compassion be optional.  Those without compassion who don’t pay their fair share will be thrown in jail, as well they should.


Oregon’s insurance commissioner, who supported the law, felt young adults will likely see a 30% rise in their premium rate.  Massachusetts regulators used the word “extreme” premium increases.  New taxes and fees imposed on insurers will, surprise surprise, be passed on to consumers, the industry warns.


Oh why oh why oh didn’t we see this coming?  At least now we know how high those nasty premiums will be.  What?  We don’t?  No, actually we won’t know that till later this year.  Everything is being worked out as we go along.  So maybe “Act” is not the right word, after all.  Maybe we need to substitute “act” with the word “farce.”


Perfect!  The Incredibly Expensive and Unsustainable Coercive Health Farce.  All in favor, empty your pockets.


By: Vicky Kaseorg

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