Government for the Coerced

October 30, 2013


I am mad. We have never had such difficult financial times as we have in the past several years. I don’t mean as a country, though there is no doubt that is true. I mean my family. And then, we received notice from our health insurance company that our policy will no longer be offered, due to Obamacare. It doesn’t meet the requirements of the new law. It doesn’t offer abortion, birth control pills, or pregnancy care. It doesn’t matter that we were happy with our coverage and chose the coverage based on what we could pay. Freedom has no part in Obamacare. It is coercion and control against our wishes.

And what do we get in exchange for our freedom?

Our premium will TRIPLE. Yes, TRIPLE. That’s right. TRIPLE. If you think hearing it three times is annoying, try paying it.
Of course, it is purposeful. We cannot pay it. Obama knew that, and knew that we would be forced into his Master Plan. Ultimately, with the utter collapse of private health care providers, or customers able to afford the forced higher rates of overloaded policies, he could usher in a single payer system with the blessing of those who would rather have everyone else pay for their every need.

What can we do? Not only can we not afford this debacle, but we are morally opposed to it with every fiber of our being. I cannot subsidize what I believe with all my soul is murder of babies in the act of abortion. I will not subsidize birth control, which government has not the slightest shred of right to force me to do. I will not participate in the drive towards a socialist republic with a law that has been unconstitutionally enacted. (OK, Supreme Court, if the penalty for not complying is a tax, why hasn’t congress originated this tax, which by law, only congress can do??)

There is a way out. As a Christian, I can join a health co-op, called Medi-Share, a Christian care ministry. Rates are affordable, and because of religious exemptions, I don’t have to subsidize the morally repugnant aspects of the coercive Obamacare law. Our family plans to enroll in Medi-share. But I am mad and I am grieving for a country I am beginning not to recognize.

By Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky is an author of 7 books, and writes a daily inspirational blog.



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