Gender Neutral Restrooms – where the poop hits the fan

February 13, 2015
Coming to a bathroom near year - Mixed sex restrooms!

Coming to a bathroom near you – Mixed sex restrooms!

By Vicky Kaseorg

The Charlotte City Council agreed Monday night to consider a proposal for gender neutral rest-rooms, locker-rooms, bath houses, and other areas where males and females have the right to privacy. This is not a joke. Anyone who expresses discomfort in his own gender’s restroom may enter at will the restroom of the opposite gender if the proposal passes.

Let the lawsuits begin! (on my tax-payer dime, I might add.) Sexual slave traffickers, have at it! You now have access to victims galore! Sexual perverts, bonanza! You may now peep to your heart’s content! Sexual predators, easy pickins’ offered in the name of equal rights.

And you prudes who don’t want you and little Suzy in the same shower room at the YMCA with the strange man? Get over it. Modesty and sexual segregation during private things like bathing or bathrooming is so yesterday.

Some of we less enlightened folks might want to raise our concerns.  On February 23rd, there will be a public meeting. Let your voice be heard! Call the Charlotte City Clerk’s office at (704) 336-2248 and request to speak at the Feb 23rd Citizens’ Forum by giving your name, full address, and daytime telephone. During the Council meeting, as your name is called you will have 3 minutes to voice your concerns.

Then, write to the mayor and city council members. Flood their offices with calls. If you think this is morality and sanity going down the toilet…well…

Mayor Dan Clodfelter

Mayor Pro Tem Michael D. Barnes

Claire Green Fallon

David Howard

Vi Lyles

Patsy B. Kinsey

Al Austin

LaWana Mayfield

Gregory A. Phipps

John N. Autry

Kenny Smith

Edmund H. Driggs


Vicky Kaseorg is a blogger and author. Further information on her work available at



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