Freedom Denied

October 14, 2012

When I attend a rally like the NC Constitution Day TEA Party, I realize how many different ways we can express our political sentiments – through music, speeches, flag-waving, etc.

I was privileged to meet a very smart and talented young man named Blake Withers who uses his gift of writing to express the things he cares most about – his freedoms. Blake voted for Obama in 2008, but has since changed his views, as you can see from his poem below.

Don’t you think Blake does a great job of summing up the feelings of those who voted for Obama but refuse to do it again? I can just see it being set to some  music soon. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


Freedom Denied

By: Blake Withers

“What happened to our patriotic pride? 
This election is like a page outta “Far Side” !

His mission is to distract and divide.
Brushing real issues like the economy aside.

Offering real solutions he has shied.
Class & racial warfare – pick a side.

He wants the poor & the rich to collide.
Robbing us all like Bonnie & Clyde.

Running from his record, trying to hide.
The past 4 years won’t get you off the schnide.

Please let America off this roller-coaster ride.
You had a chance, not sure if you tried.

First credit downgrade in U.S. history you did preside.
We’re drowning in debt, pulled under from the tide.

We need leadership not a mud-slinging guide.
We’re dealing with a real life Jekyll & Hyde.

Not accepting responsibility makes it hard to confide.
Following the Constitution, it’s easy to abide.

Face the facts, the truth can’t be denied.
He has failed this job for which he applied.

Many of us voted for him, on his words we relied.
Instead, today many of our rights are being denied.”


Posted By: Donna Mauney

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