The Fox Guarding the Hen House — Abortion Rules Committee with Abortion Rule Breaker

December 2, 2014
12 week baby drawing by Vicky Kaseorg

12 week baby drawing by Vicky Kaseorg

What would you think of a convicted felon being one member of a small committee charged with changing the rules of what the consequences should be for convicted felons? Ludicrous, right? One would never place someone in charge of making rules when they were known to have broken those rules in the past. Right? Wrong…according to the North Carolina Division of Health Services. The State of North Carolina has appointed the director of an abortion clinic TWICE cited for breaking rules and compromising the safety of the patients as one of the committee members to develop new rules for NC Abortion Centers. Ludicrous, right? I suggest other terms: criminal, odious, disgusting…but I’ve been warned to avoid hyperbole. How about just plain WRONG?

I will set aside for the immediate purpose my heart-felt and Biblical conviction that from the moment of conception, the child within the womb is sacred life, a human being, a person worthy of protection. Human life is of priceless value. If the child is worth protecting one second after birth, why not one second before? One week before birth? One month before birth? Logically, there is no moment at which the little baby shifts from non-human to human. Logically and morally we should not support abortion.

But for now, I am appalled by the proposed rules for abortion clinics, which are set to go into effect April 1, 2015, particularly the following:

Three significant rules governing post-operative care have been removed.
Women are no longer required to stay at the abortion clinic at least one hour after their abortions to make sure no complications arise, like uncontrolled bleeding. Women just have to be able to walk and they have to have a stable pulse, and whatever bleeding and pain they do experience just has to be “controlled.”
Second, the abortion doctor or a nurse is no longer required to accompany a woman in the ambulance to the emergency room following a botched abortion.
Third, abortion doctors are no longer required to do a detailed examination of the aborted fetus’ remains, to make sure all “products of conception” have been removed from the woman’s uterus. Incomplete abortions can cause septic shock, leading to death in rare cases.
There are no penalties for violations.(

This is horrific ignorance of the medical safety of these women, and even more alarming is that Dr. Schnider, who had significant input into these proposals, is the director of Preferred Women’s Health Clinic on Latrobe Ave in Charlotte which has been closed twice for violations. Why would someone with such disregard for the safety of women be part of a committee making the rules?

Please take action. People concerned with the safety of the unborn child and women’s rights advocates should be outraged by these proposed changes. You can express your concern through the following methods:


Comments may be submitted via:

— Email:

— Public Hearing: 9 a.m. Dec. 19, 2014, in Room 104, Brown Building, 801 Biggs Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603

— Mail: Nadine Pfeiffer, Division of Health Service Regulation, 2701 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-2701

For more information, go to:

Contact your state legislators and tell them you oppose these new rules.


Vicky Kaseorg is the published author of 11 books found here: and writes a daily inspirational blog at:

Kaseorg is active in the prolife movement, volunteering each week to counsel women to choose life at the busiest abortion clinic in Charlotte.




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