July 17, 2012

Today is primary run off day.   I have sat here for weeks and watched a deluge of endorsements from various organizations and national figures touting their choice of the true conservative candidate. Apparently, it is pretty easy to get labeled as a conservative these days. Some of the candidates I have seen called conservative don’t even adhere to the basic principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government.

Why do we keep getting betrayed by the conservative candidates that we put into office?  Could it be because we have made this process too much about personalities and not enough about policies and good character? I could not stand by and watch the endorsements flying by without itching to write some endorsements of my own.

Admittedly, researching candidates is a huge investment of time and energy. I have high standards. Websites and slogans fail to give the complete picture of the candidate’s background and character. Not only is information gathered through campaign materials often shallow but sometimes downright deceptive.

I gather as much basic information as I can, familiarizing myself with both sides of the issues . I try to see whose arguments are best supported by the facts.  I research the candidates past history both on a personal and professional level. When I look into a candidate’s background, I look for actions that are consistent with words.

After covering the basics, I am ready to meet a candidate face-to-face. Seeing a person’s body language and listening to how he answers spontaneous questions from  the audience helps me get a better read on this person’s character.

Watching how a candidate runs their campaign can be very telling as well. Negative campaigning may be necessary at times.  Malicious and misleading attacks are a sign of poor character and a huge red flag for me.

When I analyze a candidate, I watch how he interacts with his opponent and others in general. I am looking for qualities that make for a good leader like honesty, humility, self-control and responsibility.

It is true you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Last but not least, I make an effort to get to know the supporters of a candidate and the type of people that surround them. After a while I begin to see some patterns, for better or for worse. This last bit of information helps me put together a clear analysis of which candidates I am willing to entrust with my vote

I don’t believe conservative is just a label. I am hoping there is some good character we are looking for in the people we are electing to uphold the principles we all hold dear.  I have failed to find any endorsements thus far based on a character assessment. Wouldn’t it be nice if I started a new trend? After many weeks of research..


Lt. Governor – Dan Forest

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Richard Alexander

Congress (9th District) Jim Pendergraph

~ Donna Mauney

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