Control Tower Not All That Is Losing Control

March 8, 2013


A regional airport here near Charlotte is losing its control tower funding because of the Sequester. There is a lot of boohooing, and of course, multiple references in the media to the “Republican Sequester” that has caused this and similar catastrophes. Most of the business that flies into this airport is from NASCAR, and if NASCAR can’t get to the nearby track because of the lost control tower because of the “Republican Sequester”, the city of Concord will possibly vanish. And while life might go on without NASCAR, who would really still want to live? A few trillion dollars in debt may be something someone ought to deal with someday, but honestly, at the expense of NASCAR? Be real! Yes, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport is only a half hour from this invaluable local airport, but surely waste and cuts can come from someplace else. And Lord knows we wouldn’t want those NASCAR people driving an extra half hour!

Meanwhile, two days ago, the Washington Times reported an internal memo from the Obama administration regarding a plea from the Animal and Plant Health Inspector, Charles Brown. Mr. Brown requested some latitude in shifting the effects of the Sequester cuts to minimize ill effect. The memo, in response to Mr. Brown said, “So it is our opinion that however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”   For those of you who like everything explained, that means the government would prefer that the full pain of the Sequester be inflicted upon the agency. DO NOT minimize the impact.

Why? I thought the President was hell bent on bankrupting our children’s future through impossible spending plans and debt in order to help America. Why would the memo suggest the point is to impact us negatively?

I am not a politician. I surely do not understand all the ins and outs of government, but I do understand that when I am broke, the last thing I should be doing is spend more money. I learn to prioritize and there are things I will not be able to have as a result. Why are conservatives being demonized because of this simple common sense answer to unsustainable debt? The Sequester will not solve our problems, and obviously the Democrat solution of increased spending will not solve our problems. That IS our problem. The only way to decrease this degree of debt is to cut back on spending. Return Government to its narrow, constitutionally defined role and that might go a long way towards chipping away at that debt.

In our homeschool today, I talked with my daughter about never being afraid to speak up for what you believe in. Do so respectfully, and support your beliefs with facts, but never let anyone frighten you into silence, or into believing it is more important to compromise than to stand up for truth. I hope my conservative leaders receive the same lesson because I think our country is in danger of being on the fast track to losing a whole lot more than NASCAR.


By: Vicky Kaseorg

Bio: Vicky Kaseorg is a published author of 7 books and writes a daily inspirational blog.

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