Confessions of a Pro-Lifer

April 17, 2013

“Pro-lifers only care for the unborn, not the born. You pro-lifers would never adopt a black baby or kids with special needs!”

For those who think this is a new argument – it is not. Forty years ago, abortion advocates were saying the same thing. I know. I heard it. I pondered it in my heart. Ironically it led me to adopt three African American children with moderate to severe physical and emotional needs.

This same argument is used both to discredit the pro-life movement and to justify the evil deeds of abortionists. Watch the video above. An abortion doctor in North Carolina angrily spouts off to some pro-life activists “Taxpayers don’t want to pay for those kids that will just grow up to be killers.” Just listening to these words made my blood boil. I wanted so much to condemn this man for his ignorant, racist comments. These were my adopted babies he was talking about!

My heart sank . I suddenly realized these words rang a familiar tone . These were the same words I often heard as a child while sitting at my dining room table. No one said them in public. Yet there was a silent message that engulfed us and seemed well accepted among our family,neighbors and friends. Some people were a burden to society. This belief separated us into races and social classes. And it was clear to me even as a child that some folks seem to carry more value than others.

Only when I started attending church did I realize that God breathed His life into every single human being. Therefore all life is sacred. This is when God started melting down the walls in my own heart.

I thought my church friends would be thrilled when I adopted. Imagine my shock when my first question was “Your baby is not black, is she?”. Then a barrage of questions followed, “Was the birthmother on welfare? Who is paying for these babies?” Do you think she might grow up to be a criminal?” I wish this had been an isolated incident. But it was not. I got tired of feeling like I was on trial for adopting trans-racially.

It would have been easy to condemn if I had not been quite familiar with my own shortcomings. What thoughts and attitudes had kept me from caring for so long? Was there any connection between my thoughts and the mentality that fuels the barbaric acts of abortion.

The first time an abortion advocate questioned how much I cared for the unborn and the born, I decided to examine my own heart. I put myself on trial. Much to my shame, I realized I had turned a deaf ear to the screams of babies being aborted. My selfishness and materialism had kept me disconnected from the needs of suffering women and children around me. My fears had kept me from taking risks. I put myself in the courtroom and I was guilty.

Every act I do as a pro-life advocate is an act of repentance and brokenness. I care and I want to care even more. The horrors of abortion are haunting me every day. I want to do more. I must. What about you?

“Some people are hurting so bad you have to do more than preach a message to them. You have to be a message to them.” – Joyce Meyer

By: Donna Mauney



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