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November 10, 2012

I have seen many people lamenting about Obama’s victory on Tuesday, but very few people celebrating the victories in North Carolina that conservatives accomplished. These are huge victories that many conservatives worked hard for and deserve some recognition. Two races I would just like to briefly mention are Richard Hudson winning the 8th district seat (formerly held by Larry Kissell) and Chris Dillon winning his race for NC Court of Appeals. Both are strong conservatives who fought hard and truly deserved victory. Two years ago, Republicans took control of the legislature in NC for the first time since 1870. Now, for the first time ever, Republicans control all three branches of government in NC!

NC Supreme Court: Justice Paul Newby

*photo credit: News and Observer

Justice Paul Newby’s victory was a HUGE one for conservatives. He was up against an opponent with a lot of name recognition. Justice Newby prevailed thanks to the hard work of conservatives across the state in passing out lists of conservative judges, his silly but memorable slogan “Scooby Dooby vote for Newby!”, Justice Newby traveling across the state and taking the time to meet/talk to voters individually, and lots of prayer!


Governor: Pat McCrory

*photo credit: Charlotte Observer

North Carolinians have been waiting a long time for a Republican Governor and we finally were able to get one after the disastrous “leadership” from Governor Beverly Perdue over the last four years.

 NC Lieutenant Governor: Dan Forest

The victory* of Dan Forest was an especially sweet moment for grassroots conservatives across the state. Dan has a huge team of dedicated folks who have worked hard to help this happen. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being involved with Dan’s campaign for the past 8 months or so. Many people have commented that they have never seen anything quite like Dan’s team of grassroots volunteers. The sheer dedication of these folks is incredible. However, I would be remiss if I did not attribute a lot of credit to Dan’s incredible campaign manager Hal, as well as Dan’s family. His wife Alice, children Jake, Haley, Max, and Olivia have all been by his side every step of the way.

Alice is the most gracious, classy, supportive candidate’s wife that you will ever find. Dan himself has traveled across the state and visited all 100 counties – most of them multiple times. He has taken the time to knock on doors and talk to voters about their concerns and hopes for North Carolina. He is a man of integrity and a true visionary leader who walks the walk and doesn’t just talk it. To say I’m proud of Dan, Hal, his family, and the whole Forest Team would be a huge understatement.

*photo credit: News and Observer

Prayer has always been the foundation of the Dan Forest campaign. Dan and his family are unashamed of their faith and you can see it in the way they live out their lives. It’s something that is so refreshing to see in the political realm where far too often politicians would rather not risk the possible political cost of publicly displaying their faith.

It has been a huge privilege and honor to have been a very small part of Team Forest, and I will always treasure the friendships and memories I’ve made. I look forward to Dan’s leadership in NC. I know God has great plans for him and his family!

*The race for Lt. Governor isn’t quite over yet. Though Dan Forest leads Linda Coleman by 11,500 votes with 100% reporting, Ms. Coleman has pledged to file for a recount. Before that can happen, all of the provisional ballots must be counted. If Dan is ahead by less than 10,000 votes after the provisional ballots are counted, a recount can be requested by Ms. Coleman. If you’d like to know more about this or would like to help out, please go here.

Jennifer Mauney

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