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April 2, 2013


I had the pleasure of attending the CAUTION meeting last night where Andrew Boucher, National Director for the Santorum 2012 campaign and political consultant, was the guest speaker. Boucher believes NC will be the most targeted state in the next election cycle.  It was very sobering to hear of the levels of sophistication in the Colorado Model. He warned us that Colorado had a complete switch of party control in just one election cycle and that NC better get ready.

One of the key characteristics of the Colorado Model is how they align groups like unions, environmental groups, legal groups, league of women voters, etc. and instruct them on the plan and who they are to vote for. Every group willingly consents. Why? In Colorado they had four major donors run the organization. Those donors fund the groups so it is easy to get their consent.

Every group says “yes”. Does this sound like a plan they are preparing to launch in NC?  This article mentions that the executive director for Blueprint NC said “The group received the strategy memo in a December meeting with more than 50 other liberal activist nonprofits”

Boucher reminded us that Blueprint is well funded.  Democrats have a sophisticated long term plan with the support of some very wealthy donors. Is there any hope we can whip a political  beast??????

Andrew Boucher has identified a couple of serious problems that must be addressed. We must get away from the internet, television, and robocalls and get back into the neighborhoods. We need to leave our comfort zones and communicate with swing voters in a way that will win them over.

The GOP needs to stop putting all of their money into robocalls and phonebanking. They need to give volunteers resources to go into their own neighborhoods. Boucher made a great point. Why are we telling volunteers to drive miles across town to call strangers when they could be identifying swing voters on their own street? As a grassroots activist myself, I am totally on board with Boucher’s suggestions.

Boucher also pointed out another tactical mistake that needs to be corrected. Stop putting candidates’ signs on street corners. Put them in supporter’s yards instead. A yard sign in an actual yard in an actual neighborhood is a powerful tool. I agree and I know this to be true. Every election cycle, I have neighbors tell me they voted for a candidate because they saw a sign in my yard.

I think Mr. Boucher gave some excellent advice to NC last night. Every state could benefit from his advice. I am ready to spread the word and get to work.  North Carolina, we have our marching orders! Are you ready?


By: Donna Mauney

Donna is a homeschooling mother of eight children, 5 biological and 3 adopted. She became involved in politics when she started homeschooling, in order to protect her rights as a parent and freedom to homeschool. Since then she has been active in several campaigns on a grassroots level.

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